Dating Experiences Every Woman Should Have …

Finding the man of your dreams isn’t the only experience worth having when it comes to love. Even though your end goal is probably to find your soulmate, there are a lot of fun pit stops you can take along the way. After all, the more you do in life, the more stories you’ll have to tell. Here are a few dating experiences every woman should have, whether they’re intentional or not:


It’s important to experience both sides of a breakup. When you get dumped, you learn how to deal with getting hurt by someone close to you. When you initiate a breakup, you learn how to (hopefully) handle a rough situation delicately. Even though it’s never any fun to be heartbroken after getting dumped or to feel guilty after dumping someone else, the experiences will help you grow as a person.

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What to expect after your Hair Transplant Session?

Soon after your hair transplant procedure, you will begin to notice a scab or crust forming over each graft. This scab usually remains attached for about seven to 14 days. When the area has healed, the crust will fall off leaving a pink mark at the site of the graft. Although this scab may be visible for a couple weeks, most patients are able to cover them by combing the hair over the scabbed area. If the patient normally wears hair pieces, it can be used to cover the scabs until they fall off.

Hair will shed after Surgery

The hair in the area with the grafts normally sheds about two to eight weeks after the treatment. At times many of these hairs fall off with the scabs; occasionally the hair takes a little longer to fall off. It is rare, but possible for a couple transplanted follicles to not shed their hair, but it will continue to grow right after the treatment. With these few exceptions, the grafts normally have no hair for about 10 to 14 weeks post-op; during this time the hair sheds and new hair is produced.

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